Maine Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Candance Johnson Vinette Award for Distinguished Service

Original MASFAA resolution:



In remembering our special friend and colleague, Candance Johnson Vinette, (June 22,1952 - January 7, 1990), who meant so much to all of us, and who contributed in immense and important ways to our professional and personal lives, it is resolved that MASFAA will establish the "Candance Johnson Vinette Distinguished Service Award."

This award is to be given periodically to an individual who has made special contributions of energy, spirit and dedication to increase access to higher education for the citizens of Maine; and who has, by example, inspired others to greater professionalism in the Financial Aid community.  (Note membership in MASFAA is not a criterion for receipt of this award.)

Recognizing the special nature of this award, there may be years in which it is appropriate to make a decision not to make the award.


1. MASFAA will commission a plaque for this award, with space for names and dates to be added as the award is presented to individuals over time.  Arrangements will be made to hang the plaque in an appropriate place on the campus of the University of Maine at Farmington.

2. The recipient of the award will receive a certificate or plaque for them to keep as recognition of their receipt of the award and their special service to the Financial Aid community.

3.  MASFAA will make a donation to the Candance Johnson Vinette Memorial Scholarship at the University of Maine at Farmington in the name of the recipient of this award.


1. The President of the MASFAA will solicit nominations from the MASFAA membership in the spring.

2. The President will review those nominations, and convene an advisory committee to assist in selecting an appropriate recipient.

(It is recommended, though not required, that this advisory committee include both a member of the UMF Financial Aid Office staff, and the prior year's recipient of this award as appropriate.)

3. The President of MASFAA will present this award at the annual conference in June.

Prior recipients:

1990 Lucia Whittelsey

1991 Ron Milliken

1992 Walter Moulton

1994 Mia Purcell

1995 Scott MacDonald

1998 Lisa Connor

1999 Peggy Crawford

2001Leigh P. Campbell

2002 Wendy L. Ault

2003 Rand E. Newell

2004 Deidre Davis

2005 No recipient named

2006 Linda B. Conant

2007 Mary Dyer

2008 Mila D. Tappan

2009 Gary Weaver

2010 Jennifer Hutchinson

2013 Steven Joyce

2014 Andrea Cross


Award reads:

   Candance Johnson Vinette Award for Distinguished Service

 Presented to




 Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Assorted notes offered to previous MASFAA presidents and others inquiring about history/traditions/protocol for CJV award:

MASFAA presidential info for consideration concerning the Candance Johnson Vinette Award for Distinguished Service:  Generally (but not always), this award is made annually. It has traditionally been presented at the June meeting, and I believe that the recipient has always been present but never told in advance. (FYI, in recent years I have used a local award shop to prepare a plaque for each recipient and to update the "master" loon plaque with the names of each recipient added annually and displayed at the annual retreat after the award is made each year.  If it's a detail that either of you want help with, I'm happy to oblige.)

Some comments from an email that I sent to a prior MASFAA president

It’s been the tradition for the MASFAA president to name a recipient of the Candance Johnson Vinette Distinguished Service Award.  I am not sure whether you have plans to name someone or not, but I’ve got a bit of the history and am happy to share it if it might be of any help to you.  Attached is the original description and a list of prior year recipients.

In recent years, the practice has usually been for the MASFAA president to consult formally or informally with members of the executive committee and perhaps others in MASFAA.  This practice seems to have preserved the spirit of the original resolution from MASFAA which called for solicitation of nominations from the MASFAA membership in the spring.

I don’t believe you need to canvass the entire membership, nor do I think that you need to put this to a vote before the entire executive board.  You may want to make a few calls to some of your executive committee members, or email that group for some suggestions or feedback – it’s really up to you.  There’s plenty of history of respecting the judgment of the MASFAA president and the process that each has used.

As MASFAA president, it is your prerogative to award or not award.